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SnazzyShipping is the romantic relationship between Lucian and Cynthia



Lucian's hints

  • He is married to her
  • He gets "turned on" when she massages his shoulders
  • He would rather "have sex than eat food" (stated in chapter 25 of Lucian).
  • He helped capture a Spiritomb for her
  • He once had a wet dream about her
  • When he first saw her; he couldn't stop looking at her

Cynthia's hints

  • She is married to him, as stated above
  • She sometimes calls him a "Stud muffin" or "Honey"
  • She gave him an egg for their anniversary one year
  • She once followed him around


  • They are both from Romania
  • They both fell in love while they were battling each other in the Pokemon League
  • They were both outcasts in school
  • They are always together; barely ever apart
  • They both have similar tastes in what they like (reading; both are doctors, etc.)
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