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Full name: Lucian Nicu Victor
Age: 28 (will turn 29 in October)
Height: 5'7" (67" or 1.70 m)
Weight: Between 180-195 lbs. (81.6 - 88.4 kg)
Ancestry: Romanian, Irish, Czech, Slovakian, Welsh, Russian, British
Accent: Mostly Irish, somewhat Romanian
Birthday: October 16, 1980
Nature: Docile
Zodiac: 50px-Crudedog.svg.png (Dog)/ 40px-Libra.svg.png (Libra)

Lucian Nicu (or Nicolae) Victor is a fictional character created by the Pokemon Company (and a figment of my imagination). He is the main protagonist of the story "Lucian", along with Cynthia. He is interrupted as "smart", "docile", "stoic", "easy-going" and a "smartass". He's also considered to be hospitable [ref.]

In part one, it is shown that he is a doctor - a volunteer doctor in Celestic Town.[1] Later on in part one, the principal of the local school asks him to be a sex ed teacher; he later gets to teach biology and anatomy.[2] In part two, he breaks his arm due to Cyrus becoming a Pokemon and biting his arm so hard that his ulna broke.[3] In part two, he calls himself "a village idiot" because his Luvdisc somehow slipped into the bathroom and freezes his genitals (I laughed the whole time I wrote that!)[4] In part three, he turns into a Gabite after drinking a few beers.[22]

He seems to be addicted to sex (but he really he's not, he just hates to admit it). He can be a bit wild and loves anything "weird or different". He has gotten high about three times, and loves LSD because it takes him on "a wild ride". He somewhat likes to get drunk, but still prefers LSD.


Character biography


He was born to Adela (deceased supposedly) and Cornel Victor (he later remarried a woman named Lucy Beech, she never changed last names). He was born in Bucharest, Romania, Europa on October 16, 1980. His father was very strict to him and they always fought. He was forced to move to Veilstone City in Canada. He used to hate Veilstone, but has grown to respect it because his best friend, Maylene, lives there. His ancestry is Romanian, Irish, Czech, Slovakian, Welsh, Russian, and British.

Early in his life he learned Romanian when he was about six.

He obviously hates his father but loves his mother. He never really knows her though - she died when he was 4 - and then his father immediately remarried to Lucy Beech. She supposedly ran away and had an affair with another man. He only knew Lucy for about three years. Hence, Aaron is his half-brother.

When he was thirteen, his father gave him a beautiful steel switchblade with a mahogany handle.

He used to be an outcast in high school and college, except Candice and Faulkner were his only friends.

He earned his undergraduate degree at the local hospital in Celestic Town, by the time he was twenty-two. He has had a well-rounded sense of diseases and whatnot since he was about nineteen. He later gets his master's degree when he was twenty-six (just slightly before the story started).


He later meets Cynthia when he was twenty-one. The two battled each other to see who would be the Champion. Cynthia won and that caught his heart. The two got to fully know each other and they slowly began to love each other. Eight months later, they married.


Part One

In part one, he finds out he has children, named Alexa ("Lexi") and Rex. He is shocked by this, nearly vomiting and fainting. The same day, he finds out that Cynthia had a daughter, named Crina.[7].

In part one, he keeps getting captured by Cyrus. Cyrus turned him into a Buizel, using his Buizel's DNA. He later finds out, by his Buizel, that the DNA from it travels up to his brain and nestled in between the brain cells - hence, he's part Pokemon - this is why almost all of his senses are heightened.[8]

Part 2

He becomes the Champion, Cynthia let him win.[9] He also brainwashes Cyrus by hypnotising him and forcing him to resign his position.[10] He nearly gets raped by a sadistic Purugly and nearly mutilated his groin; he called it a "vasectomy", even though he already got one 6 years before.[11]

Part 3

He is severely attacked by a Weavile that slices his stomach all the way down to his genitals. He somehow survives this attack [23]. Cynthia later gives birth to a Pokemorph son when he made love and somehow... it happened. His new son's nickname is "Chomp" [24]. The main Weavile in the group that attacked him broke his switchblade in half, but Byron saw it and fixed it [25].

Part 4

Cynthia and Lucian's bodies became switched after they both had an odd, lucid dream [26], they set off to look for Jirachi on top of Mount Coronet. It turns out it was Arceus's fault [27] - she teleports them to the top of the mountain. A huge group of Floatzel with a Glaceon minion attacked them in the same chapter. It turns out he pulls the muscles in both legs. Just because the two saw Arceus, and they escaped, the Floatzel decided to make them their leaders [28]. They help the, fight the "Red Feathers", a group of rogue Weavile [29]. In the next chapter, the buckskin Rapidash Cadeyrn, is shown to love poetry; so Cynthia and him recite it to Cadeyrn. Storic falls to the ground next, causing Lucian to break Cynthia's arm after he fell flat-faced onto the ground [30]. In the same chapter, Flint appears out of nowhere and it turns out Cadeyrn is close to death... In the next chapter, it turns out Cadeyrn was possessed by a Spiritomb, but he faints after Giratina helped them. Flint decided to leave to help him. They managed to meet Leon, a reborn Lumineon [31]. They meet Jirachi in the next chapter. Flint soon returns [32]; Lucian's genitals began to hurt... The two soon met Uxie [33]; Cyrus ends up meeting up with everyone and Lucian diagnosis him with cirrhosis (scarring of the liver, basically), and Lucian was diagnosed with orchitis (inflammation of the testicles). Almost everyone he knew visits him in the hospital.

Special chapters
  • Chapter 80 - revolves around Lucian meeting Ash, Dawn and Brock.
  • Chapter 82 - revolves around Cynthia, same as before (but Paul, too).

Part 5

Info coming soon!


A listing of all the Pokemon he has had in my stories:

He has right now

Sprite Name Reason
230.png Clarke His first Pokemon, he saw that it was drowning and nearly bleeding to death so he saved him
437.png Boris Second Pokemon - reason unknown yet
203.png Emelia His third Pokemon, caught it for his girlfriend but she didn't want it, so he kept her
358.png Sirius His fourth Pokemon - reason unknown
373.png Storic His fifth Pokemon, found it as an egg after he saw the egg's parents dying
429.png Missy Caught it after he found her wandering around in his house
419.png Barry One of the Pokemon he rescued from Antarcticis.
370.png Charm Cynthia gave him it for Christmas/Anniversary one year
451.png Sniper Aaron gave him an egg from his Drapion


Sprite Name Reason
Spr_4p_481.png Melissa Mainly because Uxie and Azelf wanted her back.

Gave away

Sprite Name Reason
475.png Josh Gave him to Cynthia
430.png Umbra Another Pokemon saved from Antarcticis. Gave it to Rex.

Pokemon he's become

Either after Marie's drug or drinking beer:



He is shown as smart, cunning, calm, stoic and easy-going. He loves to laugh and joke around, sometimes making perverted jokes.

He is a Catholic by birth. He is a polyglot, being fluent in English, Romanian, and French; and knowing some German and Spanish. He has always wanted to learn Russian or Irish.

His IQ is nearly 140. This amazing IQ has deemed him "Smartass" by his best friend, Faulkner. He somewhat has a mild case of Asperger syndrome, but doesn't realise it yet (people with Asperger's are usually geniuses).

He never seems to get angry, despite the outcome. He is also optimistic, and hates pessimism. He can be quite adamant, but it really depends on what's happening.

He barely ever gets down but seems to get bored easily.


He has numerous scars all over from his little treks outside of Veilstone to where he has cut himself while performing surgery. His worst is probably where Cyrus shot him nearly point-blank [5] in the arm and where he mutilated his finger from a Liston knife.[6]

He met Candice while he was in college, as well as Fantina; whom found him on accident after he captured Mespirit. He met Roark when he became a gym leader, he accidentally ran into him on a ship going to a meeting. He had met Byron before when he was in Canalave City, on one of his strolls. He met Volkner while vacationing in Sunyshore City, his Luxray found him buried in the sand. He met Maylene a year and 6 months after becoming a gym leader. He met both Gardenia and Crasher Wake at the Great Marsh (he wanted to capture a Croagunk for the festival but they kept stabbing his arse).[12]

His wedding ring comprises of yellow gold.[13] Picture, an example.

Despite being a psychic type trainer, he loves all types equally.

His first Pokemon was a Horsea he saved from drowning (it was on land); it was coughing up blood and it was injured.

He has been stabbed by a Croagunk about 4 times.

He's quite good at chess, euchre and singing classic rock songs. His favourite song is "One" by Three Dog Night. His favourite type of music is classic rock. He thinks today's music is "bullshit".

His favourite food is ramen; he says "I love how it slides down my gullet" [14], he also loves fish [15]. His favourite drink is root beer [16] but he seems to love wine, beer, mead, eggnog and Dr. Pepper. He is a pescetarian.[17]

He has a cousin named Luca [18] (which turns out to be his biological sister!), his half-brother is Aaron [19], his brother-in-law is Flint [20], his other cousin is Harley [21].

His astrological sign is Libra and his Chinese astrological sign is Dog.

He hates those commercials that advertise male enhancement. He thinks it's "unnatural", "vile", and "the wrong way to have an orgasm/sex".

He tends to get cold easily.

He used to kill fish with his switchblade but later stops when he found out that fish have feelings and feel pain - he now relies on his Floatzel, Barry, to do this.

He has suffered from psoriasis, enlarged prostate, and bladder incontinence.

He seems to get tipsy after his first cup of alcohol or his third shot.

He deeply respects America, after the 9/11 bombing, and Oklariss (Oklahoma) after the Oklahoma City bombing.

Just shortly after he meets her, he admits all kinds of things to her such as he had a wet dream about her and he used to masturbate. (She never cared, she loved him anyway).

Diseases he has suffered from

Locations of his scars:

  • Finger: From where he maimed himself with a Liston knife
  • Groin: From where the Weavile almost killed him
  • Arm: From where Cyrus bit down on him and broke his arm

  • Psoriasis (seems to reoccur every five or six months)
  • Bladder incontinence
  • Enlarged prostate
  • Orchitis
  • He has a maimed finger from where he cut himself with a Liston knife
  • Asberger syndrome
  • Has a huge scar from his leg to his genitals where a Weavile nearly killed him

My Notes

  • Out of everyone I've portrayed, Lucian is probably my best character.
  • Lucian is my longest story, and my best
  • It has also gotten the most reviews
  • Lucian is the only character to get the most development
  • Lucian is my favourite name
  • When he is attacked by the Weavile and survives, I think "he has a strong will to survive."

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