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Flint is one of the characters in my story.



Flinty is a funny person, he loves life and isn't pessimistic about the world. He loves other people - not about the way they look or they way they act - but on the inside. He loves his best friend Volkner like he was his brother, he calls him "Volky." He has quite a knack for mammal-like Pokemon, he studies them and trains them a lot. He has a very rare type of Rapidash, it is black with blue flames.


  • Flint Hildebrand Hurst
  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 168 lbs.
  • Ancestry: German, Dutch, French, Irish, British, Frisian
  • Relations: Unknown, but Cynthia could be his sister
  • Likes: Pokemon, psychology, anatomy, behaviour, literature
  • Dislikes: People that abuse Pokemon or humans, people that babble, politics, sports
  • Birthday: August 9, 1986
  • Nature: Quirky
  • Pokemon: Magmortar (male), Arcanine (female), Rapidash (female), Typholsion (male), Houndoom (male), and Linoon (female).

Name means

  • Flint: Flint is derived from the Old English/ Low German word "flint" which was used as a nickname for a person who is hard and though as flint. A "flint" or "flintstone" is a dark stone made of the mineral quartz. In Hebrew however, "flint" also means "shotgun".
  • Hildebrand: Means "battle sword", derived from the Germanic element hild "battle" combined with brand "sword". This was the name of the hero of an 8th-century Lombardic poem.
  • Hurst: (origin: Saxon. Local) A wood, a grove; fruit-bearing trees.

Favourite things

Favourite things:

  • Song: Downeaster Alexa
  • Food: Spaghetti
  • Drink: Magarita
  • Movie: Enemy at the Gates
  • Pokemon: Rapidash
  • Quote: "Fire is my middle name!"


  • Sinnoh League champion
  • Has a bachelor's degree in mammalogy









  • Cooking
  • Playing with fire (in controlled situations
  • Working at McDonald's (:P)


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