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Cynthia Thekla Victor (née Theophilus) is a fictional character created by the Pokemon Company (and a figment of my imagination). She is the main protagonist of the story "Lucian", along with Lucian. She is interpreted as "smart", "friendly", "easy-going", "quiet" and "optimistic". She is also described as down to earth [ref].

In part one, she is shown to be a volunteer supervisor at a hospital in Celestic Town. Later in part one, she finds out she has children from Lucian's side. In part 2, she considers Lucian to be a "village idiot". She also joins Galactic in part 2. In part 3, she drinks a beer and turns into an Umbreon. She also gives birth to Pokemorph that's part Gible.

She seems to love sex just as much as Lucian. She loves mead. She doesn't mind getting drunk, but seems to love LSD more, like Lucian. Mainly because it gives her "a wild ride".

Character biography

She was born to Anastasia and Takis Theophilus. She was born in Greece, but moved to Romania when she was only 3 years old. Sadly, a year later, her parents died, after Flint was born, in a car wreck. She was then raised by her grandparents in Celestic Town, Carolina and Lars. She later calls her grandparents "her parents".

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