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Candice Africa Theophilis (née Glacia) is a semi-main character in Lucian, M.D. She is known for being brave and bold.

Character bio

Candice was born in Snowpoint City, to her parents that she never met (unsure of the names for now), she was adopted. When she turned fourteen, she started working at a Denny's in Sunyshore, just for the money, where she met Volkner and Flint along with Cynthia and Lucian.


Candice is is very brave and bold. She loves the snow and hates to not be in it. She is a chocolate connoisseur, she eats it on a daily basis; as seen in chapter 101 of Lucian, M.D. ANY kind of chocolate will do her good, even if it is white (which basically isn't pure chocolate).

She is very hardy, she had lived in Snowpoint City her whole life. She doesn't care if it's cold out - she's used to it. She has nearly gotten frost-bitten several times in her life, so she always wears shoes or boats when in the snow; she can play in the snow bare-handed, though. Despite in the anime, she doesn't really like type preferences, she shown to really care about Ash's Pikachu and Zoey's Glameow.

She falls in love with Flint, but she dates him for a few months and breaks up with him once she found out about a very dark secret; several years (about eight or so) later they marry, because she forgave him for this action.

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